Quality Control

by Pre of AllDay

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verse 1
Return of Superman's music/Tony Dark on the beats lets get into it/and me, well I'm the truth that's spoken fluent/That's why we not concerned with anything y'all doing/our quality control is at the center of our movement/with ya corny ass concepts/thats kinda hard to process/thats kinda hard to digest/thought he was the shit till they told em no manches/and if you don't know what that means/go get a Mexican on ya team/pst pst something something/I just wanna write and run around in my du dun du duns/bumpin this shit/with my chick in her cutoffs flipping bisquicks/unlisted/listen/I was humble before they shot me/had to turn cocky/heart of a skinny rocky/tell me, who can they get to stop me?/you don't wanna flow with me the waters get choppy/Who you know flow colder?/So spictacular y'all so mediocre/no sir

verse 2
And I, pledge of allegiance to the/fact that I remain the one they're not used to/Im back like brrrrat/Tony looped up/Sumthin tailor made and said I thought that it would suit ya/Just gimmie space, gimmie room ta/ get outside my head and find the one that I can groove ta/Let the music move through ya/to make ya feel better than a kid with a cool cup/In the middle of july/you said that you could flow, why'd july?/we not the same you and I/Im a lion you a fly that won't stop buzzing in my eye /bye/I represent the future/welcome to the prequels/told em from the jump, its gotta bump, for me to want/the beauty's in the details/I dedicate this to the peoples/that gotta get it cheap so they can resell/and every couple years need bail/to appreciate the beauty sometimes you need hell...


released September 16, 2014
Produced by Tony Dark
Mixed by David Lopez on Auria App for iPad



all rights reserved


AllDay Houston, Texas

AllDay is a Hip Hop/Soul collective based in Houston, TX with a very unique sound. The group is comprised of Tawn Perón and Pre. Both emcees have established reputations on the local underground scene as solid lyricists and experienced solo success with breakthrough projects, Tawn P with “The Wake Up Kiss,” and Preemo with “Concrete Dreams.”
AllDay was officially formed in March 2012.
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