I Can't Breathe

by Pre of AllDay

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I was working on my album and couldn't focus because of all that's going on right now, it didn't seem right to not say anything. When Eric Garner said in that video "It stops today" it gave me chills, and his courage to stand up to what he knew was wrong inspired me. He knew he could die, but it was more important for him to stand up to injustice. Imagine what would happen if we ALL decided "It Ends Today". I pray he is at peace and his family is comforted by the Lord in this time of grief.


Don't know if it's the Kush or the chemtrails/that got ordinary citizens like fuck it, oh well/yall gonna stand around and let these crooked cops kill us/if they chokin me help, put down the phone stop filming/im so serious/its so willie lynch/kill the strongest one publicly with no consequence/what happened to writin tickets?/these punk cops ass kickin/and they'll kill you on a bad day/kill an innocent man you'd think that'd be his last day/a mother's burying her son/cops on a paid vaca/welcome to the police state where you can die if you don't do as they say/used to have a club called billy/now 50,000 volts make ya ass look silly/military training, ufc chokeholds/they don't protect and serve nobody but their own so/so, you understand why i say this/it's a new Rodney King everyday but/the riots never shape up/we aint gonna do shit except complain on facebook/and they know this/4 am kicking in your door with no warrants/flashbang grenade in a baby crib horrid/or are we used to it I guess/the fact they killed a man over selling a loose cigarette/over selling a loose cigarette, over selling a loose cigarette?/maybe I'm mission something or just ain't figured yet/watching state sponsored murder on the internet/tell me what we should do/instead of liking it on youtube.


released August 12, 2014
Produced by Tony Dark
Co-Produced and Mixed by David Lopez on Auria App for iPad.



all rights reserved


AllDay Houston, Texas

AllDay is a Hip Hop/Soul collective based in Houston, TX with a very unique sound. The group is comprised of Tawn Perón and Pre. Both emcees have established reputations on the local underground scene as solid lyricists and experienced solo success with breakthrough projects, Tawn P with “The Wake Up Kiss,” and Preemo with “Concrete Dreams.”
AllDay was officially formed in March 2012.
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