dreamin in july

by Pre of AllDay

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Something I needed to get out. Enjoy.


Verse 1
Cuz I was having dreams that this time I died/Over and Over reliving the same night/wakin up in cold sweats just gasping for life/stumblin over the lords prayer in the light, I was/ and i didn't think that i would wake up/as death contemplated should i leave or should i take em, I was/that this time I could change/something in the dream but it kept ending up the same/dont wanna sleep so I try not to drift off/sittin on the sofa strain at a shitty sitcom/and every car that pass is someone come to finish the job/to die alone with no one here to witness at all/my god, is this my mind slipping?/flashbacks laugh track got my mind drifin off/thoughts of picking off/each one of em at a time/look em in the eye and see em off, flip the channel and every show its murder/first 48 csi law and order i was/and I'm not sure if i knew it/pacin in the dark till i stopped and heard the music/listen

Verse 2
That i could get my life back/and me and my girl get on the right track/that i could take that night back/and never took that bus trip/to pick up that back pack/that when we spoke on the phone/20 minutes before, that i took my ass home/i was dreaming of Liam/even for a minute if i could just see em/can't imagine, just a month before/couldn't take it anymore and walked out the door/left y'all without a note without a word and/now I'm bout to die alone and shit, I deserve it/should've known you was my heart/cuz yours was the only number that i knew by heart/of seeing you crying/when they called you after a week to say that he's dying, I was/of what our last words would've been/and how our family would end before it really began/of you telling my son and daughter/exactly what happened to their father/my brain is on fire where the hell is the nurse/and this morphine in me is only making it worse/the pain is deep and it hurts/cuz it was supposed to be me that reversed the curse/felt myself slipping into darkness/the room got quiet and i heard GOD talking/often, soft and/told me what i needed to do and you walked in


released July 22, 2014
Produced by Tony Dark
Recorded by Jordan Jones
Mixed by David "Dizmix" Lopez



all rights reserved


AllDay Houston, Texas

AllDay is a Hip Hop/Soul collective based in Houston, TX with a very unique sound. The group is comprised of Tawn Perón and Pre. Both emcees have established reputations on the local underground scene as solid lyricists and experienced solo success with breakthrough projects, Tawn P with “The Wake Up Kiss,” and Preemo with “Concrete Dreams.”
AllDay was officially formed in March 2012.
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